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The Willow, the Heart, and the Girl

A poetic journey, with a girl who is infatuated with nature. This collection of poems has been accumulated in the last three months of life. Her heart is open, her mind is free so her feelings can be seen.

"Dragon’s Flight

Mighty beast upon strong wings
Soaring, diving into the crossings

A breath of fire burning bright
Down to earth and then takes flight"


Moonlite glow, upon a starry night
Alight is the fireflies as if they are sprites

Giving a great peace that begins within
I stare in wonder, upon my face a grin"

"Guardian of Names

She wandered around the library, it was her most favorite
And stumbled upon a secret room behind the wooden case

It was dusty and dank, with books lined the room from
ceiling to the floor
As she found the light switch, she stood there in awe"

Formats available are Book and Kindle.


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